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As a new owner of a 2003 Mustang GT Convertible, I have discovered the joy of driving again. I also have seen many Mustangs running around the Western Kentucky area. This started me thinking that it might be fun to get together with other Mustang owners and take our cars for a ride as a group.

I recently did this with the Tennessee Chapter of the Wildhorses Mustang Club in Clarksville TN. We went for a cruise from Clarksville to a drive-in theater at Dickson TN.  It turned out to be a blast! We started out with a meeting (that was short and sweet) and then drove the back roads to Dickson.  Once there we enjoyed the friendship and a movie.    For other cruises ... click here        

I would like to start a “Wildhorses” Mustang Club here in Western Kentucky. There are many beautiful Mustangs running around here that I am sure the owners would enjoy meeting with other Mustang owners.

The intent of the club is simple:

              • All Mustangs are welcomed - stock or modified, new or old, if you have a Mustang
you are more than welcomed to hang out with us

             • No member fees or required meetings - you don't have to pay any fees to be a part of our club.
You can hang out with us at your own convenience

• No decal requirements - you don't have to put any stickers or decals on your car

• Friendly family environment - a very laid back and non-cliquey group of people

Possible Activities of the club:

• Car Shows        • Cruises         • Parties
   • Drag Racing      • Open track   • Autocross
            • Meetings           • BBQ’s          • Installation Help
• Tons of Fun
All performance Cars and Trucks welcomed to our family oriented club.


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